Socket disconnection on Editor "Stop" (cleanup lifecycle)

Hello everybody

I am new to BJS and am struggling understanding the lifecycles of a script attached to a Node.

Let’s say I connect to websockts on the public onStart(). Where in the code am I suppoded to close the connection when I press the stop button in the preview of the editor?

Is there a lifecycle method like onStop()/onDispose()/onEditorStop() or something like that?

The socket disconnects only if I run the project in the browser and I close it, but not in the editor.

Could please somebody point me to the right documenatation?

Thank you very much!

cc @julien-moreau

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Hi @ggcaponetto !

You are right, the editor’s api is missing some functions and I’m adding it for the next release!
For instance, you can use the Babylon.JS API onDisposeObservable until I add these lifecycle functions. This observable is available in the Node and Scene classes. Example:

import { Mesh } from "@babylonjs/core/Meshes/mesh";

export default class MyMeshComponent extends Mesh {
     * Called on the node is being initialized.
     * This function is called immediatly after the constructor has been called.
    public onInitialize(): void {
        this.onDisposeObservable.addOnce(() => {
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Thank you very much @julien-moreau.

@ggcaponetto editor v4.2.0 has been released introducing onStop method in scripts. This may match your case :slight_smile:

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