SolSys View: another Solar System app

I hadn’t thought add music, but I think it might be something interesting to try,Thanks for the advice!.


A new update, with the following changes and fixes:

  • Pluto’s moon Charon has been added, fixed Pluto’s position relative to the center of gravity.

  • Fixed the rotation and orientation for Neptune Moon’s Triton and Proteus

  • Non-linear behavior has been added to fov based zoom, allowing better control in very close-up views from the objects. The GUI control for the zoom updates the camera.fov values when it’s changed by the mouse wheel.

  • Lighting bug fixed. When a conjunction between planets occurs, the light used for the shadow generator of one planet illuminates the one behind. A maximum distance for these lights has been added using lights[i].range property.

  • A control for lighting intensity has been added in the GUI

  • Fixed a bug with the trajectory generator (without limit in the number of lines) ,but it still doesn’t work as it should.

  • babylon.js logo added, I’m not sure if I can place it without asking permission, if not, tell me and I’ll remove it.

The trajectories generator is a option to show the behavior of an object, when time changes, seen from any other, projecting its trajectory on the stars background, very interesting to see retrograde movements, like Mars seen from Earth.