Babylon 3D Geography

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Announcing the preview of the very first “stable” version (still some bug but usable) of the Babylon.js Map Engine!

This tool allows users to navigate through the entire world, and even planets, with different perspectives such as a holographic view or a more immersive spatial view (currently under testing).

Key Features:

  • High Performance: The online demo operates with only 2 draw calls and boasts a theoretical frame rate exceeding 3000.
  • Mobile Optimization: The engine runs smoothly on mobile devices, although improvements for touch screen interactions are ongoing.
  • 3D Elevation Data: The elevation data is sourced from various layers, with the current demo utilizing MapZen.
  • Dynamic Texture Resolutions: Textures are sourced from multiple providers and their resolutions are not tied to DEM resolution. Dynamic resolution adapts based on the camera’s distance.
  • Vectorial Drawing Support: The surface supports vectorial drawing to display information effectively.
  • Upcoming 3D Tiles Support: Plans are underway to introduce 3D Tiles with GLTF support, building on my experience with the Autodesk to Babylon exporter.
  • Leaflet support: Plans to support Leaflet API.

I’m exploring the possibility of open-sourcing this project to enable the community to create 3D maps with the full power of Babylon.js.

Thank you all for your support, and stay tuned for more updates!

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This rocks!!


It’s time to abandon cesium

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I love this so much! :heart_eyes:

Maybe I can use this technique to get real terrains and make the antigravity game a ‘Anti-Gravity World Tour’ :thinking: :crazy_face:

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Lol, not yet, Cesium is a world class software, where this is a demo compiled over my weekends :slight_smile: