[SOLVED] WebVRFreeCamera rotation only affects one camera

Hi, I am trying to rotate the WebVRFreeCamera in my scene and according to the old forum I managed to rotate at least one of the two cameras.

Does anyone know, how to rotate both cameras? For my application, I have to rotate only around the Y-Axis.

I created an example:

To reproduce, switch to vr mode and wait 3 sec.

thanks, mike

Pinging our webvr expert @trevordev

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@ikkyo could you describe what do you mean by both cameras (vr camera vs non-vr camera)? What device are you seeing this on? When I tested with a Rift in Firefox in vr it seemed like the view rotated.

@trevordev, I read somewhere in the forum, that the vr-camera is made of two cameras which are positioned like our eyes :blush:

I am using a WebVR Plugin in Chrome to emulate the VR device for quicker development. When I open my example in Chrome the left virtual “eye” rotation differs from the right one.

But in Firefox and on a real VR Device it behaves as expected.
So it has something to do with Chrome.

Thank you for another the quick response!:+1:

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