Solving nonlinear equations

I’m creating a project which needs to resolve nonlinear equations to obtain the values of a Vector3.
Is there any function in Babylon that solve that kind of equation? Maybe is easier to solve this problem without babylon functions and then export the result to a Babylon Vector3.
What do you think?

I think we need some examples of your nonlinear equations :slight_smile:

Babylon.js is primarily a graphics engine and does not provide built-in functions for solving nonlinear equations. However, there are many mathematical libraries that can help you solve nonlinear equations in JavaScript, such as Math.js, NumJS, or Sylvester.

You can use one of these libraries to solve your nonlinear equations and then use the resulting values to create a Babylon Vector3 object. Where x, y, and z are the values you obtained from solving your nonlinear equations. You can then use this vector to position, rotate or scale objects in your Babylon scene.

Note that solving nonlinear equations can be a complex task and may require knowledge of numerical methods such as Newton’s method, bisection method, or gradient descent. Therefore, it is essential to have a good understanding of the mathematics involved before attempting to solve these types of problems.