Spine animations

Does anyone know it is possible to render a spine animation in Babylon, or how I might go about it? Spine does appear to have a HTML5 player, but not sure how I would integrate this with a scene which combines 2D and 3D elements…

Any pointers on documentation or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Hello! what is a spine? Do you mean bones animation?

Kind of - I mean Spine, as in the 2D animation tool.


ThreeJS sample


I have a project I need to combine 2D and 3D assets, and the art team is familiar with Spine. It has integration for some 3D packages such as Unity and historically ThreeJS (now deprecated). But unfortunately they omit providing official support for Babylon. They have a generic HTML5 player - but the one I used creates it’s own canvas and is not loaded through the host applications pipeline - so that is not useful. It appears to be possible - but would love some feedback if anyone has done it.

this is not something we support but happy to give hints/help if you want to try supporting it :slight_smile:

As they are rendering on a canvas we could use the dynamicTexture.


Do you have a pointer to threejs integration?

Thats an interesting thought. I could look into that.

This is the official WebGL runtime from esoteric - I know that PlayCanvas has used this as a basis for a plugin - so I assume it’s going to be feasible (just have not had time to run through the code properly yet).

I guess that using the DynamicTexture you could port most of the code as is :slight_smile:

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Spine support would be really interesting for us!
Are there any news?

This doesn’t appear to be a 2D animation tool. What it looks like is a cartoon shader on a 3D model. We used to do allot of this using Motionbuilder, including catdog on Nickelodeon in real time. I belive you’re looking for a cartoon shader.


The shader doesnt matter its just an image. Its about the animated 3D planes.