3D Virtual Headquarters

First of all, thanks everyone for building and contributing to such an amazing framework! It has been a joy to work with and instrumental in what we have been building over the last year: Spot. Spot is a virtual headquarters for companies. It is an always-on tool that teams live in and provides avatars, voice and video, screensharing, embedding webpages and dashboards, and lots more. Unlike some other 3D tools in the space, we are not focused on a VR/XR experience first, but are instead first focusing on the top-down experience.

Everything is completely customizable from the floorplans to the furniture:

Because it is so customizable, performance has been a constant struggle for us, but we have been chipping away at it. Currently focusing on reducing the number of meshes through creative uses of instances, merging, and only rendering when the world changes.

It is currently invite only, but here is a signup link that will work if anyone wants to see it in action: Spot

Appreciate any feedback and thanks again for Babylon.js!


I love it! this is super neat!

@PirateJC FYI for our homepage

@ghempton - First of all, welcome to the Babylon family! We’re so stoked to have you here and a part of our growing community!

Spot looks awesome!

I’d love to showcase this on our community webpage. Ideally we really like to put people right into the Babylon experience are you planning on having an open example on your website? Something people can get right in and experience it without signing up? Just curious.

We would love to be showcased on the community webpage. Something like that is definitely in the works, but not sure when it will be available.

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Keep us posted, once you’ve got a live preview going, we’ll get it up and showcased on the website!

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