Hiring Babylon.js Developer for Full-Time Remote Role

We are building a virtual workplace product that bridges the gap between being remote and being in-person. I just posted more info about the product itself in the demos forum: Spot.xyz: 3D Virtual Headquarters. We are small VC-backed team and will provide a market-rate salary and benefits.

Our stack is Typescript, Babylon.js, React, Apollo/GraphQL, and Nest.js. Everything is built on top of AWS using modern tooling. We are looking for someone who has some familiarity with Babylon.js and is excited about the space! This position will be remote, but the ideal candidate will be one who enjoys/misses many aspects of a physical workplace.

If you are interested, shoot me an email at gordon@spot.xyz.


The tool you are building is awesome. Let me pin that thread for a bit :slight_smile: