StandardMaterial emissiveIntensity

There is no emissiveIntensity property on StandardMaterial, but it does work. I really need this property in my code, I’m worried that there are hidden dangers in this practicality

Hello! What effect are you trying to achieve, exactly?

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Reduce the brightness of mesh emissive
I am curious that this property is not provided in the API, but it takes effect.

I don’t understand sorry. How can a non-existent property take effect?

To reduce the emissive intensity of a material you should be able to simply adjust emissiveColor e.g. pure white is more emissive than dark grey.

If you have an emissiveTexture then you can change emissiveTexture.level or modify the texture itself.

It’d be easier to help if you can create a PG.

I made a mistake. I found a problem. It should be that the code was not commented out and PBR replaced the previous material.
thanks very much for your help