Start dragging of mesh from code


Luckily its super easy to create dragable meshes.
But I want to trigger the drag without the need of a click. For example I would like to start the dragging when the scene is loaded.

Is this possible?

My real case is a bit different, but the concept should stay the same.
I have an html button positioned over my canvas (my ui) and on click I want to generate an object (which is no problem) and then have it attached to the mouse so it can be placed in the scene with one more click.

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Is this possible?

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You can call the startDrag method on the behavior for this :

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Ohh its that easy, thanks. I thought I tried this method already but seems like I did something wrong.

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I didn’t see the solution in

So i made this. Essentially just start drag with any pointer Id.

The solution is to call pointerDragBehavior.startDrag(); when you want to start dragging.