STEP export format

Do you know by mistake a way to export a group of objects from a babylonjs scene as step file
I tried export STL and convert the STL to STEP but the result is a combined mesh instead of independent meshes. I tried from OBJ to STEP but without succes as well. Any idea is welcome!

Let me add @PatrickRyan who fiddles a lot with various formats just in case ?

@MarianG, I did a little testing and when exporting to STL from Babylon the mesh is combined into one even if the mesh in scene is made of multiple meshes. Exporting as obj will retain multiple meshes, which would be the way to start. I don’t have experience with step files so I don’t have any knowledge to share about conversion tools. Though if you start with an OBJ, it may just be a matter of finding a converter that respects the multiple meshes contained within. Sorry I can’t help more.

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Hi, thanks. I’ll try more with OBJ then :saluting_face: