From gaming to metaverses, building WebXR apps with Babylon.js

Hi there!

It’s been a long time :slight_smile: I’ve recently delivered a conference on WebXR & Babylon.js containing lot of samples I’ve been working on for fun during the last months.

I’ve decided to compile them into an article:

Hope it will inspire some of you!




OMG. I can see Necips post from the ‘back to the future small town’ and then, plenty of other cool stuff. :grin: Thanks for the visibility, for your BJSying and for showing all that can be achieved with BJS. And please, quit using the term ‘Metaverse’. You should know this one has been ‘corrupted’ by faen FB… sry Meta :wink:

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: The Metaverse concept was invented way before FB / Meta made it popular. Well again I would say (Second Life ;))

As we wouldn’t know :wink: I’m still questionning myself how we could actually allow FB to take the name of ‘Meta’.