Stop and wait until my texture has loaded

I need to change textures on the fly and I use

var textureSource = new BABYLON.CubeTexture(myNewTexturePath, scene);

But I have a flickering since that texture is used on the material without being fully loaded, is there any easy way to wait (with a rotating Babylon logo as when you are waiting for the initial load could be great!) until that texture is fully loaded?

Regards, F.

For basic texture it’s possible to use onLoadObservable but I don’t see this function into the cubeTexture class. Don’t know if this a limitation of cubetextures or just not (yet?) implemented.

Maybe it’s possible to use the onLoad from the cubeTexture constructor?

[edit] if observable is needed, a dirty way could be to create all independant 6 textures and watch them using obersvable, then create the cubetexture with all these textures already cached :smiley:

Onload constructor parameter

Thank you both!!!