Stream Offscreen Canvas to Texture in Other Scene?

What would be the process for having a plane in a main scene display the output of a offscreen canvas?

never mind, that was super ezpz.

Just create a rawTexture in the main scene and update it with messages from the offscreen canvas readPixels.

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I think there is a faster way to this. Let me try something out.

Sry, I have to leave now so you could try my ideas yourself. Use a TextureCanvas somehow. Or maybe you can use a shared buffer to avoid reading the pixels. The webworker will draw to the shared buffer and you can access the data immediately in your main thread. Just two ideas. I am not use they’ll work.

That sounds promising, I might have to wait till you get back to explain this more.

Ill setup a environment in a PG here sometime today for you to show me how though to save time.

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On phone already: