Suggested learning material / any other recommendation?

Hello guys , im learning babylonjs.
I would like to mention 3 great learning material I consider really interesting and easy to follow:
1 Following youtube playlists:
2 Oficial documentation.
3 Going the Distance with Babylonjs book

Is there any other you can suggest ??
It would be better if it is game oriented …

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Acerola on YT
SimonDev on YT
The Cherno on YT - The book

None of these are babylonjs specific, but it’s content I enjoyed and it’s content that has helped me learn and expand w/ graphics in general : )


Hello and welcome to the forums @Leandro_Roggerone!

I always love seeing my book mentioned in a list of helpful resources, here are a couple of books and resources not listed above that I’ve found helpful (and probably mentioned at some point either here on the forums or in the book):

There’s a lot of great material out there, thanks for sharing!


thanks !!!

mmm … realtime … sounds good , thanks for your words.

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