Best babylon courses

What are the best courses paid or free to learn Babylon? I know the docs/playground are great but I need a course to make the timeline shorter, any recommendation?

On video format you have also the official Youtube channel: Babylon js - YouTube

We have some here:
Video Courses | Babylon.js Documentation
and also:

I also add this page: Offsite Tutorials | Babylon.js Documentation

Thank you, everyone, this page is Amazing: Video Courses | Babylon.js Documentation

Also, the course on Udemy is great, will proceed with both.

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Wonderful Play list :

Near to 500 minutes of Videos !!! as of now

Code-Small is a channel dedicated to teaching software development using Typescript, Javascript, SCSS, Vue, and BabylonJS.


I watched most of them and I can tell you this is really good!

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Best course for me still remains: try, use the PG, try again, try harder, visit the forum and try again…
At least, after this process I sort of remember what I have learned :wink:

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