Suppressing "width in percentage mode inside a horizontal StackPanel" warning?

I’m looking to suppress the warnings:
BJS - []: Control (Name:undefined, UniqueId:1036) is using width in percentage mode inside a horizontal StackPanel

Close the console :slight_smile:

If you are actually doing this, the warning will show. if you are not, or not sure what you are doing to cause this, show us a playground, we might be able to help further.

We sadly can’t quite help with no context

It’s a UI Warning for having an element without a width in a stack panel, I can’t change my current feature and I want to save resources on the console log, so I’m sure there’s a way to suppress warnings. Just need to know how.

You can set the logger level to Error


just don’t use percentage inside stackpanel) if you take names for all ui elements you can catch name with problem element. or you can use inspector an look where this element in gui section and set fixed size… and test test test em all)))