SVG Sprite does not scale properly

My hope when using SVG sprites was to get smoothly scaling results. But it seems like the image is somehow “converted” to a pixel-image? :thinking:

Is there a way I can prevent the sprite from pixelating?

I tried to use updateSamplingMode because I found that here and thought it might help, but it didn’t.

Thanks in advance for your help :pray:

Unfortunately the correct size needs to be part of the svg to work in all browser :frowning: I think I have seen hacks where ppl load the svg as text, replace size with regex and use this back in a base64 url :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your answer @sebavan - although it just confirmed my suspicions.

Right now, I’m not bothered enough by the pixelation to implement some svg-base64 conversion thingy. If you stumble across the implementation by accident, be sure to leave it here. As will I, in case I find it or finally implement it myself :slight_smile: