Switch Scenes Slow or No Movement - Bug or Not?

There are multiple discussions on switching/changing scenes. The following example is listed in the docs. and multiple threads, but seems to fail in firefox and chrome.

DOCUMENT: Using Multiple Scenes | Babylon.js Documentation

Issue: when dragging the mouse pointer to move position in scene 1 or 2, there is no (observed) movement. However, when the button is pressed and scene changes, there is a ‘relative’ change from previous position. Is this a bug in babylon or issue with demo code?

Request: How to fix this demo so that movement works in both scenes, with regular transition between frames?

note - another scene-changing demo uses blocks but not loadable gltf files.
PLAYGROUND: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MXCRPS#70

It would be useful to see a rewrite of this demo using gltf or glb files to show transition animation, and 2 scenes, with animation.

The issue seems to be that the control on previous scene is not detached and on current scene there is the attaching missing.

Example PGs:

I added loaded Model to your PG, but you might also need detachControl() and attachControl():


Both of those examples look great! Thank you, that is what I needed.