Technical Feasibility Question

Using the multicanvas, one engine approach, would it be possible to build an application that shows multiple complex meshes on a page at once? For example, an 3D model store application that displays 9 models on the page, then loads more models as the user scrolls. After the model(s) render, is there a cost of having it stay on the page (for example CPU or GPU space)?

no cost of having on the page and yeah I feel like the multicanvas is the good way to go

Hey @Deltakosh, thanks for the answer! I have a follow up question to this: is it possible to attach a controllable camera to each one of those canvases? I was looking at the demo and only one of the canvas had a controllable camera attached to it.

Yes this is correct. you have to detach the scene with scene.detachControl() and reattach with scene.attachControl() when the user hover a specific canvas


Kinda like this?

Yep, except with the ability for users to move the scene around via the camera.

add what delta said