Multiple mesh load in multiple canvas in one index.html file

Hi @all,
Basically I have a one index.html file where i use muliptle canvas with their ids.
Now my question is,
I want to load different mesh in different canvas. Is it possible to do that???
please let me know,.

Basically i tried this i created a one scene with one engine and same for other as well.
mesh is loading but issue is i’m getting Invalid operation.

You can create an engine per canvas, screate a scene per engine, and load whatever you want.

This will work, of course. Just note that too many canvases in a single page might hurt performance, but this is something you will have to decide

yes the main problem is i’ve a homepage screen where i want to show model one by one so for that kind of page i have to create multiple canvas.

basically for multiple canvas i did the same approach but i find some weird issue in model basically I’m getting the cube in model I don’t know where it comes from.

So that why i’m asking is there any approach for handling multiple model at one page with multiple canvas???

well, I can give the same answer :slight_smile:

Yes, you can. using multiple engines and multiple scenes. Each scene loads one model, and Bob’s your uncle (or so they claim in the UK :wink: )

I am not sure what the issue is, but if you want to show a reproduction we might be able to help. Will have to be an external page, sicne the playground only supports one canvas.


I solved my issue, the mistake i did was i used the engine variable for the other meshes or scene that’s why it give some weird experience.