Templates for webviewing available?

Hi all, I’m new here and 99% noob to Babylon. I’ve played a little with the sandbox and playground and a little with the desktop app. Here’s my challenge:

I create .GLB and .OBJ content in Photoshop and Sketchup, upload it to my domain in order to share it with others through a simple URL. I think the Babylon Viewer would be great to enable that. So what I need is a an HTML-index file (to share) with Babylon js code that I can use over and over by only changing the url of my .GLB file.

My question: are there templates available that I can use for that?

It’s probably very simple code to produce, but it’s not working for me.


Hello and Welcome !!!

I guess you can find all of them here: The Babylon.js Viewer - Babylon.js Documentation

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Thanks. When I tried and replaced the example boombox model with my own model it gave me an “error loading the model”.
Should the viewer and the model be in the same directory?

Not necessarily as you are passing the full path for it. But it looks like your model is not accessible ? Could you share your example ?

Thanks, I appreciate it. This is the url of the model: https://3d360.icu/3D/AERIALS/EagleView1/EagleView1.glb

Is is currently blocked due to the cors issue :

Basically your model looks like it is hosted on a domain not allowing cross origin requests.

Ouch… let me find out what that means and if I can fix it. Thanks!

Do you think it would solve the problem if I’d upload the viewer to the same domain as the model?

the page should be on the same domain this is the main restriction :slight_smile:

same domain, console doesn’t mention cors anymore, still unable to load mesh.

Babylon.js Viewer - Display a 3D model

Can you share the url of the website ?

Not really a website, just a url that I need to share on an individual basis.


But the url you use for the model in this page does not exist: https://3d360.icu/3D/AERIALS/EAGLEVIEW1/EagleView1.glb returns 404.

The path might be case sensitive on your server, you should use:

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restructured case sensitivity. I uploaded the boombox example to my domain, same error.
It may be my domain settings. I’ll contact my provider. Thank you so much. Highly appreciated.

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I had to add
AddType application/babylon .babylon
to my .htaccess to get the .babylon files loaded into my website without errors. Maybe you try to add
AddType model/gltf-binary .glb
AddType model/gltf-bin .glb
in your .htaccess file?

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

No luck, so far …

At this page, I dont use the viewer, but load the .babylon scene that was exported from blender 2.8:
In this page, I use the viewer to display a .glb file that was exported from blender:

Please dont rely on the pages cause I am new to babylon, too, and still learn how to do things, so there might be bugs and stupidness in my solution. And the pages might change soon… Anyway, take a peek and let me know how it works for you.

Thanks! It’s working. I copied and pasted your code on to my domain and it worked. Then I replaced the parts with my own code and it kept working! Happy as a clam!
Now I need to optimize my glb models… :wink:
Thanks bud, highly appreciated