Terrain outline

Is it possible to achive effect like this:
on the ground?
Mean, I would like to achieve something like hand-drawing effect.

Hello :slight_smile:

There are several ways to achieve this :

  • Custom material : What you want is basically an edge detection based on normal (material should be white, except on the part where surface is tangential with the camera view). There are a lot of tutorials about the usage of the Node Material Editor. Example HERE. When you are done, you can either export the shader code itself, or just save the link, and import it as a material snippet in your code or in the playground

  • You can also work at postprocessing level by adding same kind of shader for edge detection. I have done an exemple in this Playground, based on some other plagrounds I’ve looked here and there.



It’s not quite the same thing, but you could be interested by a pencil sketching effect: