Testing Multiplayer Node Server WebXR (first time)

Hi There,

I made my first multiplayer babylon webxr (VR) demo.

And, well, it looks like it’s working, but I’m suspicious.

How do I test it to know that it’s really working?

What is common practice; I’m new to server-side.

Right now, it’s here Glitch :・゚✧

And its just constructed so that all players can see all players, as they move around.

Again, there are far more experienced people than me on this topic :slight_smile:. Looking at the forum there was a link to this document going into the complexities of a Client-Server Game Architecture - Gabriel Gambetta.

Servers have their logs to. And you can add log events to the server code to know if people connected and if they continuously send data. you can also create an admin client that gets the data from the server and displays a dashboard (and not the scene) - users’ locations, amount of users connected etc’. This depends on your server implementation, of course.

Or ask the community to all connect at a certain time, and ask for feedback :slight_smile:

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