Texture decals: use different channel?

Hi everyone,

Referring to Decals | Babylon.js Documentation

By default the texture decals are written into the diffuse/albedo channel (aren’t they?). Is it possible to use a different channel?

E.g. opacity channel for actual bullet holes?

**Just to be sure: by channel I mean what is called in the Inspector “Channels” when you click some material → channels dropdown → list of textures.

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Yes, the texture decal is blended with the diffuse/albedo channel at this point.

I’m not sure that being able to choose the channel is enough, as you’ll probably want one part of the decal to be colored (perhaps the outer part of the bullet hole) and the other to be transparent (the inner part of the bullet hole). So you would need to be able to provide several textures for a decal (albedo, opacity, bump, …). This is not planned for the moment, but PR are always welcome :slight_smile:

In your case, you can use a material plugin as a workaround: