TextureTools.GetTextureDataAsync Get texture data error

The error message for obtaining the texture in the project created by create-react-app is as follows:

my code:

import { Engine, Scene, SceneLoader, TextureTools } from '@babylonjs/core';
import { useEffect, useRef, useState } from 'react';
import './App.css'
import '@babylonjs/loaders'
import AppCamera from './appCamera';

let engine: null | Engine = new Engine(document.getElementById("renderCanvas") as HTMLCanvasElement, true);;
let scene: null | Scene = null;

scene = new Scene(engine);
let camera = new AppCamera();
engine.runRenderLoop(() => {

function App() {
  const canvas = useRef<any>(null);
  const [file, setFile] = useState<null | File>(null);

  const onDrop = async(fileObjs: FileList | null) => {
    if (!fileObjs ||  fileObjs.length < 1) return;
    const fileObj = fileObjs[0];
    // @ts-ignore
    const texture: BaseTexture = scene?.textures[0];
    const size = texture.getSize();
    const data =  await TextureTools.GetTextureDataAsync(texture, size.width, size.height, 0, 0);
    return false;

  return (

      <div className="App">
      {!file && (
                <div className="next-upload-drag">
                    <p className="next-upload-drag-text">
                        drup file
                    <p className="next-upload-drag-hint"> gltf, glb, obj, .babylon</p>
                    <input type="file" onChange={(e) => onDrop(e.target.files)} />
        <div className="canvas-render"><canvas id="renderCanvas" ref={canvas}></canvas></div>

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You have some html code inside a shader, I don’t know how it is possible… It seems the shader repository is corrupted. Try to display BABYLON.ShaderStore.ShadersStore["lodPixelShader"] and see if it is html or glsl code.

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I also encountered the same error. Have you resolved it

Let me explain the reason. Because the code for lodPixelShader in Effect is in the inspector, it can be used normally by the inspector. However, we do not use the inspector to develop projects normally, and there is no code for lodPixelShader. It is recommended to build lodPixelShader into Effect In ShadersStore.
TextureTools.GetTextureDataAsync is very commonly used, so it is not only used in inspectors

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Thanks for reporting, this PR will fix the problem: