The scaling problem of gui pane following the scene

GUI How can I use the mouse wheel to zoom synchronously? I can’t find the corresponding solution
When the mouse is zoomed, can the GUI panel be zoomed with the mouse? When the zoom is too small, the GUI directly blocks the model. Is there any related algorithm to support it? Thank you

What’s happening here is that you are using the ADT (advancedDynamicTexture) in full screen mode.
This creates a layer on top of the scene, covering the entire size of the canvas. It is viewed in 2D mode above the scene so it doesn’t rescale with the zoom on scene (only with the resize of the window/canvas).
What you likely want to do is use the ADT in texture mode. Either with or without ‘billboardMode’.
In this case scenario, your GUI for mesh will be rendered in the 3D scene and linked to your mesh. Zooming in or out will keep with the relative size and offset from your mesh.