The wavetro practice dev log

Hello! This was originally going to be a daily practice thread, but it turns out it takes a lot more than 1 day to learn the basics of Babylon.js (and TypeScript.) Needless to say, I’m going to post various practice scenes in this thread to document my progress to web 3D mastery.

  1. A simple scene testing basic app deployment and animating the camera view. (link)


2023 UPDATE: You can now view the source code for any projects in this thread! Shoutouts to the AGPLv3 license for existing.



Well done, I love the style :slight_smile:

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Niiice! I agree with Seb really like the overrall design theme :slight_smile: And I love how “crunchy” the snapping sound effect is! :rofl:


Whoops! It’s been a while. But I’ve finally made a new practice project! Thank you to every forum member who helped me out these past few weeks, I credited all of you in the app’s ( i ) menu in the top-right…

  1. A house with some objects inside of it to test physics and scene resetting. (link)


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Oooh so that’s what you were making! Very fun! :grin:

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