Thin instances on curve

I was hoping you might be able to help me find a example for the following.

I want to have a path and thin instances of an arrow mesh that follows that path given distances from each other The arrows pointing in the same direction as the flow of the path.

I want to render a extruded path mesh that is pickable, so I don’t want to use a texture but instead something that will pick up a hit marker from a ray cast intersect.

Are there any examples of this kind of thing I can look at.
I am new to Babylonjs so still trying to find my feet, but pretty happy with what I have seen thus far.

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! We’re glad to see you’re liking it! :smiley:
For your first example, I modified a previous example of mine to have the arrows, take a look: Camera explore (updated for Babylon 5) | Babylon.js Playground (

For your second one, I think this page will be very helpful: Building a Track for a Carriage to Follow | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thank you very much for the direction, much appreciated

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