Three JS style GUI

Ive seen a playground with this style of GUI before, and am wondering how to access it?

I think it was on that planet generator demo that Delta did but I have never really known how to do that interface type.

Would be really handy to know especially for the shader stuff I am doing, where I need to expose a ton of Params.

Why not using the GUI for that?

I like the look and space management of this one better.

I am thinking about a webxr tailored, mesh based, GUI where the platform also exposes native hand tracking. Would use Dialog extension as a starting point. Saw short demo with Hololens 2, but already thinking about it, since exokit looks like it exposes hands and eye tracking.

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That would be amazing!

Hope so. Did a quick Blend file. Need info if will actually work, so tweeted

Go @JCPalmer-

I’m still a huge fan of the Dialog extension. HTML based and doesn’t limit the GUI to WebGL elements.


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@Galen, the Dialog extension is All Meshes, even the letters. If that is what you meant, sorry.

My reasoning for not using BJS’s GUI is that it is texture based. I think it is going to look like you are standing real close to an old 480i backlit, big screen TV if I use it for this.

When things are meshes you can get really close & looks real. See this blow up from the Dialog test scene:

I can also probably add a little movement when it is a mesh like this.

Right now am just trying to get the mock up to work with the XRCamera, so it always appears in front at the right height & distance from camera, with the rotation of side panels also appropriate for the person’s arm length. Going to base arm length off of height.

Have simplified mock up to work off rotation & parenting, instead of an armature. The Origin of center frame, white arrow, should be the height of the camera. The origins of the side panels, white circles, is the leading edge next to the center panel.

Sorry, @Pryme8 for hijacking your topic.

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Ha, no worries!

I’m interested in where you are going with this.

Funny enough, I just followed @Deltakosh advice and worked with the BJS GUI a little more and got it to serve my purposes just fine.

I think a change or addition to the UI would be to size down the default text on all elements inherently as a initializing argument.

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My apologies, I believe I was referring to the CastorGUI by @Dad72. It’s been so long that I got the bGui, CastorGui, and Dialog extensions mixed up a bit. I’ve used them all in various applications, and they have all served their purpose tremendously. I would still promote some of these existing GUI extensions when you have GUI elements in which you cannot find a solution.