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Hello friends, I’m glad to share with you my last project : playtibi.com ! a fantastic ‘aaaa’ Games :smile:

official link :sweat_smile: : playtibi.com

It’s webapp . It should run on any browser desktop, or android and ios mobile devices. Give me some feedback if it fails on your device :thinking:

Nothing really new, it looks like a lot of other same games, my gameplay is basic, but I really had some good time to develop it from scratch with babylonjs.

A colorblind mode can be enable in option menu, rendering mode can be change too, between pbr and standard material.

There is a small backend/ ddb behind to record your highscore session and give you a random 4 letters name (no personnal data is recorded, no ip, no cookie, nothing). Desktop, Mobile, and tablet have their own highscore. Mobile game is a bit different from the desktop or tablet one.

As I said in the game, if someone reach level 20, I pay a drink :laughing: :sunglasses: :beer:

playtibi.com by sam


works great :wink:

I dont exactly know how to play this game? I click the connected colors , they disappear, I managed to get a big enough clear for each color so that it stored one of each color at the bottom right. But it just timed out after I did that and I didnt progress? What is the objective then to get to stage 2? and what did getting one of each color at the bottom right actually do?

I can not stop playing it !!! Thanks a lot !!!

cc @PirateJC

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frak…I’m super bad :slight_smile:

Great game (level 11 for me)!

You must destroy connected colors by 5 for 1st level, 6 for 2nd level, etc. When you do it, you get a bonus for that color: if you click on that bonus color (on bottom right), all tibits of that color will be removed from the board! So, basically, as soon as you have a bonus just click on it, as it will ease things a lot (actually, sometimes you may need to wait a bit before clicking the bonus color, as you don’t want to have an isolated color when only a single color remain in the board).

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This is SOOOO FUUUUN AND CUTE HAHAHA! I LOVE the lil Tibis, they’re the cutest mascot!!! And so shiny… why do they make me think of food… :yum:
Also the “tibi” sound when you click a single one is SO GOOD!!!

You’re going to kill this team’s productivity right before release, man! :rofl: (joking)

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Half joking considering the time I spent reaching level 13… :slight_smile:

I just love it! Beautiful, simple… and addictive :stuck_out_tongue:
Great work!

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yay thanks evgeni ! I made it to level 8 now :wink:

@samuelgirardin , one thing i found I needed was some visual cue that the selected color amount is meeting the minimum or not of the stage. Like if 10 are required and you select 10 or more then some visual cue to know its enough , otherwise on the higher levels when it is spread out , counting them takes too long.

@Evgeni_Popov thanks a lot to describe the gameplay I couldn’t have done this better.
@carolhmj @One_Flag and all thanks for the compliments.
@sebavan @Deltakosh sorry for the team productivity :sunglasses:
@shaderbytes you’re true the feature you described, would help a lot.

For now here is the hall of fame (desktop version) :heart_eyes:

I’m not in :smiling_face_with_tear:

What would be nice is to have somewhere in the screen a reminder of the number of colors to reach for the current level (sometimes I don’t read the message well before clicking on “start”!)

hi @Evgeni_Popov, a bonus reminder is now at the right :


Yes thanks, I saw it yesterday!

[…] Ah, I see you fixed the bug where the number of colors was not reset to 5 when starting a new play!

I see I am not the only one still playing lol

I tried 2 or 3 games last night but I was not good, it was too late :wink:

Level 5 here :sneezing_face:
this is an entire different game play from candy crush :100:. Love it!

level 8 today … i cant see how anyone gets past that haha … too little time to work out a plan for the needed numbers , how are these others getting level 14…? turbo brains!

Great game, love the way it plays on mobile.

Question, are all the balls 3D planes/boxes or 2D textures and physics is managed via 2D?

The fancy bonus is key. No bonus, no candy, no money :grinning:
@samuelgirardin Real great job there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Great gameplay. May not be an ‘AAA’ but it means nothing in terms of gameplay. When you think of it, there is sometimes a team of a hundred or more and a several million dollars budget and the game sure looks good, the promo video sure looks amazing and in the end the game sold $60 makes for 2 hours of forced gaming because of a clumsy gameplay. Next thing that happens is ‘uninstall’ and you would just never play it again.

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Forgot to ask… Where do I enter my credit card to purchase free bonus? :grinning: :money_mouth_face:

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