Transform Node and Animations not start good animation

Hi ! I’m new here !
I work on the little game, and I imported meshes with LoadAssetContainer!
I spawn meshes with instantiateModelsToScene !
And i want play an animation to rootNode[0] (is TransformeNode), but i added two animation, the first at frame 0 to 2 and the second at frame 10 to 12 !
And later i start the first animation with scene.beginAnimation(node, 0, 2, true, 1); but at first time there are the second animation is start !

PlaygroundLink :

Sorry for my english i’m french and this is my first com in an english forum


No problem, I’m french as well :slight_smile:

here is your fix:

Hey, thanks for the fix,
But i want understand, why scene.beginAnimation start all animations ?
I belive the parameters « from » is conresponding a the start animation frame and the parameters « to » is the end animation frame !
So if i set « from » at 0 and « to » at 2, why the animation with frame is more than 10 is started ?

Thanks for your Time !

the beginAnimation will start all animation. The key for animation2 will be out of scope and thus will be in repeat mode

ok, thanks for your explain !

Have a good day

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