Transform:scale gizmoManager pickInfo

Create a scene and set transform:scale in the outer container, resulting in an offset in the location information of the event object of scene-related events. My solution is to divide the scale value by scene.pick when using scene, so that the correct mesh position can be obtained. But I don’t know about gizmoManager. The use of gizmo is attchToMesh, which can indeed be bound to mesh and correctly display the position on the screen, but there is no hover effect and drag function, because of the deviation. How to solve it? Hope the big guy can answer

cc @Cedric

Gizmo rely on scene picking functions. if default scene picking doesn’t work because of container transform, I’m not surprised it doesn’t work with gizmo either.

cc @PolygonalSun

This is not supported in Babylon.

We unfortunately do not support canvas transformation in our picking/ray casting functionnalities.

That said, it could be a great addition despite the challenge it could be to implement it. Maybe you d be willing to give it a try ?