Transparency in AR

In 218 line of the playground: ( there is a material property “alphaMode” that is set for bottle. In the playground it looks like this:

After placing this bottle in AR mode, I think this line is not included and looks like this:

Can you tell me if transparency modes are supported in AR mode? Is it possible to have in AR mode nice looking glass material?

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well, that should work out of the box! :slight_smile:
Something is not right. Assigning it to me, and will investigate.

It seems to be working correctly when isolated:

Using this playground - Babylon.js Playground (

Do you get the same behavior?

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When there is a white ground as a scene mesh, it looks good. It is not good when there is no other meshes in the scene. Example below:

I also tried to change the environment to full white ( in hope that the glass will be more transparent, and it is when you have ground mesh and above the mesh is black:

It does seem like maximize is simply not supported, though I can’t find any official documentation regarding that so I will continue investigating.
Setting the alpha to a lower value does work as expected -

is that something you will be able to use?

Hello @zerq98 just checking in if you still need any help?