Trap a physics imposter in a mesh

Fellow scholars,

Tonight, I neither have the language or the technical knowledge to describe what I’d like to do and google my way to an answer, so just like that, I have returned :melting_face:

Sometime ago I got myself in a pickle with camera collisions and flipped normals capturing the camera with no release in sight :skull:

I have this dilemma, when the player enters an area, I need to keep them there for a little bit while I connect the WebRTC rail in the background, short of creating some walls around the player using individual physics imposters + planes, I already have a mesh I’m using with an action manager to detect the players enter and leave intersection actions. Is it possible to flip the normals on that mesh and use it as a sort of non exitable trap? Is it advisable?

The trapping of my camera kind of inspired me, flipped normal meshes are like a jelly, easy to enter…impossible to escape (I promise never in my lifetime have I tried to swim in a jelly), I could do this with maybe 4 planes and making each one a physics imposter.

cc @Cedric who is amazing with Physix in general

normals are not used for physics. For boxes, there is no geometry. collision detection are done with plane (to sumarize quickly). So, I would suggest instead to have planes or boxes around your room instead.

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