Trying to add 2 objects to a scene


am just trying to add two objects to a scene.
The scene we r trying is person walking beside a car.

Currently it is getting overlapped. Can somebody help me how to adjust two objects


why not simply changing the position and scaling of newMeshes[0]:

Thanks sebavan.

I tried the best i can
can u turn the avatar front facing…need ur help here

I didn’t get u

Sorry it was the wrong playground:

You need to start looking in the api doc where you can find all the functions related to this AbstractMesh | Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks sebavan…

am trying to get the original color of car which is red. I tried with point light,
directional light and Hemispheric Light but no luck
Can u share yur experitise…

This pretty much looks like in sandbox:

Here the playground, I adjusted direction of hemispheric light and intensity:

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