Trying to rotate ArcRotateCamera towards the Z Axis "tilting"

Hello, I’m trying to rotate ArcRotateCamera along towards the Z Axis but without any luck.
“camera.rotation.z” does not seem to work and neither does assigning “rotationQuaternion” to null prior to rotating. can anyone help?
this playground link will help you understand what I’m trying to achieve(using FreeCamera):

Thank you in advance!

I’m not sure you can do it through an angle property: @PolygonalSun will know for sure.

As a workaround (or maybe it’s the official way of doing it), you can update the up vector of the camera:


thank you for tip this will help for now. :orange_heart:

For the given PG, changing the upVector is easiest way to address this.


All right then, it’s settled and that solution satisfies my needs so thank you all and keep up the good work <3

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