TS Playground is too slow now to be usable?

Recently (I noticed when we moved CDN) the Typescript PG has become unusable.

I hit play and even on the default scene it hangs for 30 seconds to a min and when I start developing with it it gets worse and worse.

What broke?

cc @RaananW

Also what makes it odd, is its hit or miss.

One time I’ll load the page and it will be instant the other times its like watching paint dry.

Hopefully its just localized to me.

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I have to admit I never experienced that. We had a few issues with the CDN at the beginning, so this might have been the case, and there was always this “TypeScript is not registered” error (which forces monaco to retry and find the language).

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the TS playground?

I do not repro either. ANy error in the console?

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Hmmm its not doing it now… right after I said something go figure.

If I can get it to do it again Ill post, I do remember there where some script errors for sure when it was doing it that seemed to be related to the CDN.

Everything now seems to be on the up and up though.

As I go back to working on my prototype ill see if it rears its head again and if so ill do a screen capture.