Typescript typings

after update to alpha 27 noticed that babylon.d.ts is gone and babylon.module.d.ts, but that is not the issue.

Inside babylon.module.d.ts there is definition of document

interface Document {
    mozCancelFullScreen(): void;
    msCancelFullScreen(): void;
    webkitCancelFullScreen(): void;
    requestPointerLock(): void;
    exitPointerLock(): void;
    mozFullScreen: boolean;
    msIsFullScreen: boolean;
    readonly webkitIsFullScreen: boolean;
    readonly pointerLockElement: Element;
    mozPointerLockElement: HTMLElement;
    msPointerLockElement: HTMLElement;
    webkitPointerLockElement: HTMLElement;

is it intended that it is defined multiple times ? also mozCancelFullScreen and other vendor specific functions I think should be optional as they are available only for specific browser or ?

Right now have conflicts with other typings from other lib that have them optional, so not sure where to try to fix them.

Thank you

We need them as they are not in the lib.d.ts from TS
I will mark them optional asap

@Deltakosh I could make PR, need make some investigation first to not change babylonjs typings in incorrect mode, ideally it should be fixed on TS side really

I pushed a fix yesterday as TS started to piss me off with all this constant breaking changes

Should be good now