Unable to import a mesh locally into my scene!

I have meshes of type .obj that are placed in an asset folder in my react application and I am trying to import them locally and it just doesn’t work. How can I import a mesh from a local file that is in the same folder of the react project that I am working on?

Hi there. Here’s a thread I found about importing meshes.

From a summary looks like you’ll need babylonjs-loaders package and import it and there’s a code sample provided. :slight_smile:

Also providing an error message would best help us debug what seems to be the problem. If its not compiling, error on load, or loading just simply not showing up.

Heyy thank you! I was importing the shapes in the same way, here are some screenshots of how im importing it and the error message im getting in the browser.

" Error 431, which officially says “Request header fields too large,” means the server has dropped the request . The header sent by the user is either too long or too large, and the server denies it."

How do I fix it?

Difficult to say, depends what is causing the error.

Quick google;
Servers will often produce this status if:

Try clearing your cookies first, if it doesn’t work, i would log the error from the server-side, it should tell exactly what was wrong

@Jad_Matta This looks more like a generic server configuration issue not related to babylon and is unfortunately hard to fix for us as it can have a lot of various root cause depending on your tech stack.

Basically, you can load any file as long as you can access them through a url from your local server first :slight_smile: