Having trouble to import a mesh

Hello everyone ! I’m having trouble importing my mesh.
I’ve tried to import different types of 3D models such as .obj, .gltf and .babylon unsuccessfully.

Here is how I imported the packages (both installed with npm):
import * as BABYLON from “@babylonjs/core”
import “@babylonjs/loaders”

And here is how I import the mesh:
this.localPlayer.mesh = BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("…/truc/3D_models/chipgltf/", “chips.gltf”, this.scene, function() {
console.log(“mesh loaded”)

And I’m having this error:

I have been googling my problem for a while but I can’t find a solution.

Do you have any idea what might cause that ?

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Yup usually the url of the mesh is in correct and your server would return a 404 html that we try to parse a JSON

Well it seems that the mesh is loaded or at least “found”, here is a screen of my network

The size is not what I expect though.

i have exactly the same problem

you should check the answer in the dev tools to see what s in ?

it might be a configuration issue at the server level with mime types ?

Does loading the glTF directly in the browser as a url work (i.e. put the gltf url in the address bar)?