Unable to save the animations property of the TransformNode

When I create animations for a TransformNode and use “SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene)” to obtain the serialized scene file, the animations property within the transformNodes is empty (). However, when I create animations for a mesh, the animations for the meshes in the serialized file are present.

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This PR will fix the problem:

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thanks mybro!!

First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude. This issue has been addressed in version 6.39. Additionally, I have another question: if I encounter a new bug later on, am I allowed to directly post it in the forum’s bug section? Since I’m not very familiar with GitHub pull requests

Yes, for Babylon.js, posting in the Bug section of the forum is the best thing to do. We prefer this to creating an issue in the Github repository to avoid scattering knowledge in different places.

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