Underline / Strikethrough text outline color does not apply if outline < 1px

Here is a GUI snippit to demo my issue;

The right has no outline, but the underline color or the strike-through is NOT red, even though I stated they should be.

Only when you give the text an outline of 1.00 or more, then it applies the effect color.

This is a bug. posting here for confirmation before sending to github.

@carolhmj , maybe this is a bug in the GUI editor?

Yup it’s a bug on GUI in general, I’m working on it and just need to check with the Firefox ppl bc I’m seeing some inconsistent behavior between browsers

Opened a PR: [GUI] Fix the underline/strike-through line to use the color of the text when there is no outline. by carolhmj · Pull Request #13890 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)
I included an option to have or not have outlines because of FF’s inconsistence :stuck_out_tongue:

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