Unexpected Gizmo Behavior

I have created a cube and attached a plane on top of it. I have made the cube to be a child of plane.

On the plane, I have added six dof gizmo behavior, with the only intention of scaling the plane.


After I drag the plane , A bounding box is getting created on the box unexpectedly.
I was expecting the gizmo handles to be on the plane, using the handles I could scale the cube.

Since the handle is getting transferred to the cube , I dont achieve what I want to.
PS: I just want to achieve scaling using the handles provided by 6dofGizmo

cc @Cedric

You can turn off the scale boxes you don’t want using boundingBoxGizmo.getScaleBoxes()[n].setEnabled(false). See BoundingBoxGizmo | Babylon.js Documentation

Can you show in a demo in the PG

Looks like there is a bug with gizmo. Let me take a look.

I am actually trying to attach the gizmo on the plane to control the cube behavior.

Instead why don’t you attach the gizmo to the box and just disable all scale boxes that aren’t on the top?

Can you send me a PG

I’m pretty tied up, so not sure when I can make a PG for you. It’s pretty simple. The scale boxes are in ascending x,y,z order (local coordinates). That’s hard to keep track of, so I just figure them out by trial and error.

@Cedric Is there any finding regarding this?

I’m looking at that today!

Here you go - https://playground.babylonjs.com/#790WG4#6

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@ericwood73 I was actually trying to implement this

Thank you related to the idea about scale boxes.

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