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Hi everyone.
I know that similar questions were asked but they seem a bit dated. So here’s my problem.
I have a simple, large but low-res terrain in unity. no trees no grass no fancy stuff.

I exported it using babylon unity toolkit with no errors.

I also loaded it in babylon (with babylon.manager.js) without errors.

I see the terrain mesh in the scene explorer
it’s instantiated at 0,0,0 with a scale of 1

however, it’s nowhere to be seen.

i changed the scale, i took it down on the Y axis, I looked around with the camera, nothing.

here’s the terrain file -sandbox doesn’t load it saying that it doesn’t have babylon.manager.js.

any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

oh now I realize that the .bin file is 0 bytes.

that’s probably the issue, but why is it 0 bytes? @MackeyK24, I think you’re the unity exporter person to contact in such emergencies :slight_smile:

Zero bytes for the exported .bin seems like Unity Exporter issue. What version of the Babylon Toolkit are you using. That must of been one of the Alpha Builds.

The Standard Edition does not export a babylon mesh, but instead exports a heightmap image that you can use for CreateGroundFromHeightmap.

The Professional Edition requires a developers license but does generate a mesh for you with all the splatmap textures.

Babylon Toolkit: Version 7.0.0 with Havok Physics Including Terrain Heightmap Collision Out-Of-Box in the Pro Version

Note: I am working on updated documentation for the Version 7 release… Coming Soon

oh I didn’t know that there were versions, I downloadded the .unitypackage from the github repo.
BabylonToolkit 2023 BX-6.31.0.unitypackage

where can I find the other versions?

Using the unitypackage from the link you provided, nothing changed :slight_smile:

these are my export settings

are there any relevant settings that could affect the output?
I’m using “export selected”

that .json file seems usable, is there a way of using it in babylon?

Another question is, although the json file has tags for diffuse textures, there are no diffuse texture assets. is that normal?

and what are the Prototype.0 and Prototype.1 png files?

We can schedule a goto meeting so I can see whats happening.

Email Me:

I did!

I suspect the main issue. Is your using the Standard Edition which only supports exporting the Heightmap Image. You would need to create your terrain mesh yourself from code using CreateGroundFromHeightmap

The Pro Version handles all this for you, generates a terrain mesh, applies a splatmap material that allow you to render up to 64 texture splats, if using terrain collider, it also generates a physics heightmap collider allow for much more performant collision for your terrain instead of a heavier mesh collider… All this out of the box.

Yo @Mengu_Gulmen

This Candyland Demo Playground was generated using Babylon Toolkit - Pro Edition 7.0.0 R1 (HAVOK)

It supports all the extra systems I had to create to be able export and run re-create a Unity like terrain system in BabylonJS.

Screenshot 2024-03-31 at 6.50.16 PM

The demo candyland.gltf is loaded along with a demo player character. You can smoothly walk, run, jump, etc… and traverse the terrain. It also several painted texture
layers showing my extra Unity like splatmap system to render up to 64 painted texture layers with terrain collision

Note: I made a small update to toolkit, so please re-download Babylon Toolkit Version 7.0.0 - R1

FYI… Here is a demo playground exporting the Unity Starter Assets. And again all this was made Out-Of-The-Box with the Pro Version

Unity Starter Assets Demo Playground

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Hi, how does one get the Pro version?