Terrain Generation

I’m just getting started with learning about how to create terrain in BabylonJS and I’m trying to figure out the most efficient way to go about creating terrain both from a performance and workflow standpoint. I know I can create a terrain in Babylon with a heightmap but I’m looking to add a handful of these maps.

I’ve created terrain in Unity before, and I like that it has pretty much all the tools I need to create it including terrain painting. Does Babylon have something like that? Right now I’m thinking about just doing it all in Blender, exporting out a heightmap then putting it all together back in Babylon. This would be for mostly low poly, stylized terrain. Does anyone have a better approach?

This may help - Dynamic Terrain | Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks, I was looking at that earlier but I was hoping for something that was more of an editor tool similar to other terrain editors. The terrain I’m building isn’t very complex and will be static so I think I’m just going to stick with using Blender.

I think it is the best solutuon.
In this case you also will be able to tune the poly count etc with subdivisions heightmap parameter.

Yeah, I think at this point Blender would be the best. I’m already using it for all the props and additional terrain details I wanted to add and I just learned how to properly export out a high-quality heightmap from Blender as well.

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