Updating the documentation to prefer plain CreateBox etc. over MeshBuilder

It seems that the functions to directly create Meshes such as CreateBox are preferred compared to using MeshBuilder because importing MeshBuilder unnecessarily increases the bundle size by importing all of these functions. However, the documentation still promotes MeshBuilder: Babylon.js docs

I am offering going over the examples in this section of the documentation and update them to no longer use MeshBuilder and adopt the text. What do you think?

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The docs mostly refer to the UMD package.
Each one of those CreateFunction is coming from a specific Builder - BoxBuilder, SphereBuilder etc’. The functions should not have been exported directly in the global namespace, but since they have been, we don’t remove them because of backwards compatibility.
In UMD you are encouraged to use MeshBuilder, as it unifies all of the create functions. In ESM you should load the specific function from the right builder to ge tthe minimal size.

To answer directly - I think changing to BoxBuilder.CreateBox instead of MeshBuilder.CreateBox is more than reasonable, but i wouldn’t just just CreateBox