Use different cameras on different canvases

I know this has been a topic already as in here:Using one scene on multiple canvases

But I have a question.

The CreateScene function can have variables, so I’m wondering if the whole thing could be called with a variable to add to everything to have essentially 2 cameras and 1 scene.

Plans would be to run this on a server and as a user connects access their canvas and put a camera with control on it.

This probably won’t work, but any ideas?

Currently, I’m trying to use but it could be going better. :frowning_face:

I’m not sure to understand the idea :smiley:

Like this, but working:
Like (4.2 KB)

rename the “.zip” part to “.html”

I added the “who” and “what” variables to try to get it to work. it doesn’t.