Use relative URI for GLTF textures with parent directory

I’m trying to use a gltf model and use textures that are not in the same directory.

Inside my gltf file I have a reference of an image like this one :

     "images" : [
            "mimeType" : "image/webp",
            "name" : "Static_BaseColor",
            "uri" : "../textures/Static_BaseColor.webp"

I had an error telling me that the uri was invalid. As I searched through the code to understand what is happening I found this part :

This says that every uri containing .. is invalid.
Why is it blocked ? Is there a way to use Gltf with using this kind of URI ?

This is technically not clearly supported by URLs on the web

Some discusions: Using relative URLs - Design Issues (

In a nutshell it is not recommended to use relative URLs