Using AI for document-based search and Q&A

Users of open source projects will try to find answers to their questions from the project documentation, but the route to the answer may be more convoluted, such as not finding the answer without looking for the right keywords, which leads to some users being discouraged.

Some open source projects use artificial intelligence to help quickly get answers to questions, which can be helpful for beginners, e.g. Proto.Actor, EmberJS, which use Glime AI, I felt it worked very well and saved me a lot of time when I asked AI some questions about Proto.Actor.

Would it be possible to consider introducing AI in forum or docs to accomplish the above.

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We have considered using these kind of tools to improve our docs, and wanted to introduce an AI agent in the forum as well. So far the results were marginal, but we continue experimenting. Eventually it will be added.
We try our best not to use tools that provide free open-source integration, as we had some bad experience in the past. It’s always nice for experimentation, but not suitable for production usage, as any change will influence all of our users.